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My vision for the Southern Downs Region is one where the needs of local businesses, ratepayers, residents and families are genuinely listened to by Councillors and acted on by the Council.  Where our history is acknowledged and our resources are looked after as we move into the future.  Where our elderly and vulnerable are cared for and respected.


I believe we can better promote our region, collaborate with each other, encourage development and build on the attributes we have.  We can raise our level of service and mutual respect so that residents, and visitors alike, have enjoyable experiences when we work, when we shop, when we go out, and when we participate in sports, events and festivals. 


We can encourage new and sustainable industry that addresses the needs of our community.  We can take advantage of the National Broadband Network to increase opportunities for small home-based businesses to become established; to create greater opportunities for education, medical businesses and industries linked to agri-business; and to embrace the internet based economy.


We can be innovative in the way in which we approach our work, looking for new and better ways to achieve our targets.  We can be proactive in seeking out new business opportunities and encourage development in our region.  We can think about ourselves and our region positively and look to what we have achieved instead of focusing only on the negatives. 


I know the Southern Downs Region can make great strides over the next 5-10 years, and we have to think positively.  We have to grasp opportunities that come our way, and look at them as ours and not someone else’s.