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Authorised by Tracy Dobie, 151A Palmerin St, Warwick; Candidate for Mayor Southern Downs Regional Council

Tracy Dobie

BSocSc, GDipMgt, GDipStratStuds, AdvDipProjMgt, GAICD, jssc, psc


I WAS ELECTED MAYOR of the Southern Downs Regional Council in 2016. I have shaped a transformational agenda for the local economy, strengthening our communities and striving to deliver both short- and long-term water solutions.


I WANT TO enhance the livability of our towns and their surrounding districts - improve water security, foster new and existing business, encourage new residents and more tourists to strengthen and grow the local economy.

SO FAR, I HAVE ACHIEVED - strong financial management over these four years:

  • limited rate rises to just 2% - lowest in the region in more than a decade;

  • delivered four consecutive budget surpluses;

  • continued to pay-down inherited Council debt by over $12million in just four years; and

  • attracted substantial government funding, delivering more development and community projects than ever before.


I STRONGLY BELIEVE that Council is for the whole community. I have kept our Council independent: I have stood-up to those who would seek to make it political, to represent one element over others or, worse, self-interest. 


I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT OUR YOUTH:  They are our future.

I established the Southern Downs Youth Council to make sure we listen to our young people; build communities where they want to stay when they finish school, or where they want to return to raise a family.

Prior to election as Mayor I enjoyed an extensive career in both public and private sectors:

  • TWENTY years in the Australian Army in Intelligence, Training and Command appointments;

  • EIGHT years in project management in the private sector in Australia and overseas;

  • THREE years with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, before moving to

  • RURAL INDUSTRY-based private enterprise in South Australia and Queensland.

  • In all, I have spent 40 years of my life living and working in rural communities.


As a participant in a Queensland local government election, I am required to give a disclosure return to the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) if I receive a gift or loan valued at $500 or more. I am required to give these returns within 7 business days of receipt, or within 24 hours if I receive the gift/loan within 7 business days before election day. These returns are available for public viewing on the ECQ’s website, and will include all relevant details about the gift, including (but not limited to) your name and address. This is required by the Local Government Electoral Act 2011. Please visit if you require further information about my obligations as an electoral participant.